eggbox – fynbos feast seeds


Grow your own fynbos in this box.  This eggbox contains everything you need to grow these unique and indigenous plants.  In this pack there is smoke primer and soil mix, growing instructions and 2 seeds of the following 6 species:

king protea (protea cynaroides)

pincushino protea (leucospermum catherinae)

blue sceptre (aristea capitata)

nine-pin heath (erica mammosa)

spinning top conebush (leucadendron rubrum)

horse tail restio (elegia capensis).

Seeds may vary according to availability. King protea always included.

3 in stock (can be backordered)

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fynbos seeds eggbox size – height 7cm x width 15cm x depth 11cm

pack contains:  smoke primer and soil mix, growing instructions, 2 seeds of the following 6 species:

king protea (protea cynaroides)

Commonly known as King Protea, Koningsuikerbos, King Sugarbush

  • This is South Africa’s national flower.
  • It grows 0.3m to 2m in height.
  • Has distinctive glossy, bright green leaves.
  • The flowerheads are huge- up to 30cm in diameter – creamy pink to dark pink in color.
  • Flowering time depends on variant – there is a variant for each season.
  • Can be potted.
  • They are tolerant of marshy conditions.
  • Sow in autumn.
  • Easy to grow – needs a little more water than other species.
  • Will attract birds to your garden.
  • It is a exquisite species for your garden and the cut flowers are gorgeous and long lasting.

pincushino protea (leucospermum catherinae)

Commonly known as the Catherine Wheel Pincushion

  • This species is one of the most outstanding of the ‘firework pincushions’.
  • It grows into an erect shrub, up to 3m tall and with a spread of 2.5m.
  • The flowerhead is depressed-globose, but disc-shaped when mature and is orange to coppery bronze in color.
  • The styles point around in a circle giving its Catherine wheel appearance.
  • Leaves are blue-grey with distinctive red tips.
  • Grows in sandstone soils along stream edges.
  • Flowering occurs from spring to early summer.
  • It is one of the larger leucospermums and is stunning as an accent plant in a large garden.
  • It is fairly hardy and the mature plants are failry frost tolerant.
  • Seeds should be sown in autumn.

blue sceptre (aristea capitata)

Commonly known as the Blue Sceptre

  • Grows to a height of 1-1.5m with a spread of 1.5m.
  • This is a tall elegant plant with deep blue flowers running along the stem.
  • Flowers in spring – and is attractive all year around.
  • Very easy to propagate from seed.
  • Enjoys full sun and a winter rainfall.

nine-pin heath (erica mammosa)

Commonly known as Nine-pin Heath, Rooiklossieheide (Afrikaans)

  • Grows to a height of 1.8m.
  • It is a variable species with tubular flowers ranging from purple, dark red, orange, pink, green to creamy white.
  • The flowers are packed along the branch tip.
  • It flowers from mid-summer to autumn.
  • This is a very strong grower, is robust and long-lived.
  • Erica mammosa is very showy and will be noticed in your garden.
  • Ths species will attract sunbirds to your garden.

spinning top conebush (leucadendron rubrum)

Commonly known as Spinningtop Conebush, Tolletjiesbos

  • Grows to elegant shrub of 2.5m
  • The male plants have many small narrow flower-heads
  • The female cones are green with red edges to bracts, very attractive
  • This is a very adaptable conebush
  • It provides excellent long lasting cut foliage.
  • Sow in Autumn.

horse tail restio (elegia capensis)

Commonly known as Fonteinriet, Horsetail restio, Besemriet

  • This is a very striking, graceful species growing in clumps to a height of 2m.
  • They were originally described as horsetails, due to the whorl like appearance of the foliage.
  • They flower in spring for about 3 weeks, producing golden brown flowers, which are popular in the cut flower industry.
  • This is probably one of the most well known cultivated restios.
  • They can be grown in full sun or semi-shade and prefer marshy areas.
  • Seeds should be sown in autumn.




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  1. Carolynne

    I am so thrilled to have found these eggbox fynbos gifts for the upcoming festive season. They are going to make awesome eco friendly and water-wise corporate gifts as well.

  2. Jules

    I’m so glad you’ve got these eggboxes again. Got 1 each last year and me and the kids had such fun planting them. I must admit, we forgot 2 water them a few times and one time we found 2 eggboxes outside the window where the cat knocked them off the windowsill. But somehow we managed to grow them all and a year later they are in the garden waterwise and stunning. Will be ordering more for gifts this year

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