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“Life begins the day you start a garden.” – Chinese proverb

Grow your own protea in this box.  This eggbox contains everything you need to grow these beautiful and indigenous plants.  In this pack there is smoke primer and soil mix, growing instructions and 2 seeds of the following 6 species:

king protea (protea cynaroides)

silver-leaf wheel pincushion (leucospermum formosum)

broad leafed sugarbush (protea eximia)

sugarbush (protea repens)

outeniqua conebush (leucadendrom uliginosum)

oleander leaf protea (protea neriifolia)

Seeds may vary according to availability. Will aways contain King Protea and 3 other types of protea, and two types of leucadendrons.

10 in stock (can be backordered)

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protea seeds eggbox size – height 7cm x width 15cm, depth 11cm

pack contains:  smoke primer and soil mix, growing instructions, 2 seeds of the following 6 species:

king protea (protea cynaroides)

Commonly known as King Protea, Koningsuikerbos, King Sugarbush

  • This is South Africa’s national flower.
  • It grows 0.3m to 2m in height.
  • It has distinctive glossy, bright green leaves.
  • The flowerheads are huge- up to 30cm in diameter – creamy pink to dark pink in color
  • Flowering time depends on variant – there is a variant for each season.
  • They can be potted.
  • They are tolerant of marshy conditions.
  • Sow in autumn.
  • Easy to grow – needs a little more water than other species.
  • Will attract birds to your garden.
  • Is a glorious species for your garden and the cut flowers are exquisite and long lasting.

silver-leaf wheel pincushion (leucospermum formosum)

Commonly known as Silverleaf-wheel Pincushion

  • A large, erect grey, hairy- leafed shrub growing to 2-3m tall.
  • The flower-heads are large and appear in spring, with the flowers being a pale to bright yellow colour, and the longish styles turning away from the centre after opening, giving it a Catherine- wheel appearance.
  • It is one of the group of fireworks pincushions.
  • They are excellent for flower arranging and eye catching, especially for the medium to larger gardens.
  • They enjoy well drained, acidic soils.
  • Sow seeds in autumn.

broad leafed sugarbush (protea eximia)

Commonly known as Broad-leafed Sugarbush

  • Shrub grows to between 2 and 5m, with broad cordate leaves.
  • Shows large flowers usually in Spring with long spatulate inner bracts that are widely splayed.
  • Easy in cultivation.
  • Sow in Autumn.

sugarbush (protea repens)

Commonly known as Sugarbush, Suikerbos, Honey Protea. Belongs to group called True sugarbushes.

  • Grows to shrub/tree of 4.5 m with long narrow leaves.
  • Flowers are creamy white to red and are waxy and sticky to touch.
  • They flower from Feb – Oct.
  • Produce lots of nectar, attracting birds and bees.
  • They are easy to grow from seed, adaptable to many soil types and waterwise.
  • They produce beautiful long-lasting cut flowers.
  • Sow in autumn.
  • The sweet watery nectar that collects in the flowers used to be drained and boiled up to produce a sugary syrup – known as ‘bossiestroop’ – which was used as a sweetener and for medicinal use.
  • Ideal for coastal gardens and can be used as a windbreak.

outeniqua conebush (leucadendrom uliginosum)

Commonly known as Outeniqua Conebush, Silverbos

  • Grows to around 2.3m, forming a bushy shrub.
  • The leaves are silvery with silky hairs.
  • Bracts are yellow to silver forming star-like formations from spring to early summer.
  • It flowers within 2 years from seed and is beautiful as a cut flower.
  • It enjoys well drained soil, in a sunny position and is resistant to most diseases.
  • Sow seeds in autumn.

oleander leaf protea (protea neriifolia)

Commonly known as Oleanderleaf protea, ”Blousuikerbos” and belongs to group called Bearded sugarbushes

  • Grows to a 3m shrub with narrow oblong leaves.
  • The flowers are creamy-green to deep pink in winter, beard white to purple-black.
  • It is a good cut flower with a long vase life.
  • Tolerates a wide range of soils and a light frost.
  • Does well in coastal gardens.
  • It is hardy and adaptable and easy to grow.
  • Sow seeds in autumn.




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  1. Jules

    I’m so glad you’ve got these eggboxes again. Got 1 each last year and me and the kids had such fun planting them. I must admit, we forgot 2 water them a few times and one time we found 2 eggboxes outside the window where the cat knocked them off the windowsill. But somehow we managed to grow them all and a year later they are in the garden waterwise and stunning. Will be ordering more for gifts this year

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