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Grow your edible nasturtiums from seed in this handy hessian bag which you can hang just about anywhere, a fence, a balcony or any vertical wall.  It is perfect if you don’t have garden space, if you want to create your own hanging garden and for the urban dweller who wants to grow their own flowers, herbs, and micro greens at home.  This microgarden includes a sachet of open pollinated heirloom seeds and a bag of high quality substrate mix.

A lot of people are familiar with nasturtiums but are unaware of the health benefits of this little plant. Nasturtium leaves have a high concentration of Vitamin C and are also a natural antibiotic. Eating a couple of the peppery leaves at the onset of a cold can stop it dead in its tracks.


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The nasturtium grow bag measures:

Height – 23cm

Width – 12cm

Depth – 6cm

Contents:  hessian grow bag, soil substrate mix, open pollinated heirloom nasturtium seeds, detailed growing instructions.

These sunny, wonderful little flowers originated in South America and were widely used by the Meso-Americans for urinary tract infections, kidney problems and for their general antibiotic action.  The leaves were used to prevent scurvy, to supplement the daily diet, and add flavor. The peppery leaves were very popular and the seeds were a prized delicacy.  In fact, they were considered so important that no home was without a nasturtium plant if they could avoid it. The plants are also so undemanding that they were perfect for the rocky soil of the Andes.

In the 1600’s in England, Nasturtiums were a valued plant and were called Indian Cress (Because of their similarity in flavor to Watercress.) The high Vitamin C content made the so-called “Indian Cress” a highly nutritious complement for the diet.  Wherever they have been introduced, these plants have quickly become a firm favorite because of their medicinal and culinary uses.




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  1. Lauren

    What a perfect gift for my mom. She has already found the perfect place for them in her new kitchen and can’t wait for them to grow…

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